December 12th, 2020

Dr. Cleavon gives words of advice for teachers about COVID-19

Dr. Cleavon Gilman, emergency medicine physician. Photo: PBS NewsHour EXTRA


On Wednesday, NewsHour EXTRA held its second COVID monthly teacher check-in over Zoom. The session featured guests Dr. Cleavon Gilman, emergency medicine physician in Yuma, Arizona; Dr. Daniel Katz, chair of educational studies at Seton Hall University; and host and high school history teacher Sari-Beth Rosenberg, as well as dozens of teachers.

On Friday, two days after Dr. Cleavon talked with teachers about the realities of COVID and school safety–and empathizing with their fears of speaking out–it was announced that his hospital in Arizona did not want him to return, according to Cleavon, given his social media posts about the coronavirus. The hospital put out this statement saying there was a misunderstanding.

We do not record the actual Zoom session given teachers’ fears of retaliation; however, we asked our guests to recap the conversation which you can listen to on SoundCloud or watch on Youtube. There are a few highlight clips below as well.

If you are a school faculty or staff member and would like to sign up for NewsHour EXTRA’s monthly COVID check-in over Zoom, click here.

Highlight Clips:

Dr. Cleavon Gilman: School safety during COVID and keeping it honest with the American public:

Dr. Cleavon Gilman on how viruses spread and what’s it like driving past packed gyms and restaurants on his way to the ER:

Dr. Daniel Katz on how teachers are craving community during the pandemic and reporting by the news media that “they’re not good enough”:

Teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg on feeling isolated and the inconvenient truth of COVID:


Watch the recap from our first teacher COVID check-in meeting in October here:

Post-Zoom conversation from our first Zoom teacher check-in in October. Sari Beth Rosenberg, Kenneth C. Davis, Kathryn Vaughn, Amanda  Amtmanis and Leyna Hanan.

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