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May 12, 2020

PBS NewsHour EXTRA: Choose your own current event!



Directions: Choose your own current event from the list below for today’s Daily News Story (click on the story and watch the video from there) and answer the discussion questions.

Or dig deeper into the story, “Photographer known for images of bald eagles deported back to war zone.” Watch the video above, read the summary and answer the discussion questions. The transcript for the photographer story can be found here.

Discussion questions:

  1. Which piece did you choose and why?
  2. Who was interviewed in the story? Who would you like to have heard from?
  3. If you have questions following the piece, what next steps could you take?
  4. If circumstances allow via online learning, share your responses with a partner or your class.

News summary of  “Photographer known for images of bald eagles deported back to war zone”:

A Yemeni wildlife photographer specializing in images of bald eagles spent 22 years in the U.S. before he was deported in January to his country in the midst of civil war. The conflicts in Yemen have occurred since 2011, with the U.S’s military involvement beginning in 2016 after a series of chain reactions with neighboring countries. Discord in the country has led to a civil war, taking thousands of casualties through violence and famine.

Now, the photographer known as Anwar is being deported to his war torn home country in the midst of a pandemic along with thousands of other undocumented immigrants. As stories like his recede from the news in the face of the global pandemic, the New York community where he lived longs for his return. 

Discussion questions:

  1. Why do you believe Anwar’s case garnered national attention?
  2. What is the irony the mayor speaks about? Do you agree with the mayor’s assessment? Why or why not?


Extension activities:

  1. According to this AP article, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on April 22, 2020, that temporarily halted the issuance of certain green cards as he uses the coronavirus pandemic to implement long-stalled immigration measures during the current election season.
  2. To learn more about about social justice issues and COVID-19, check out this lesson plan: Social justice and the coronavirus


Today’s Daily News Story was written by Yareni Murillo, a senior at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, with editing by EXTRA’s Victoria Pasquantonio.


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