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March 18, 2020

PBS NewsHour: Two-minute news wrap for students


Directions: Watch the latest two-minute news wrap (3/16), and answer the focus question below. If you are making plans for distance learning, take a look at our list of PBS resources that covers a variety of subjects. To learn more about the coronavirus and how schools can help prepare, read Coronavirus: Multilingual Resources for Schools by PBS WETA’s Colorin Colorado.

Focus questions:

  1. What story from the news wrap would you like to learn more about? The Democratic presidential primary, rocket attacks in Iraq, Russia suing the U.S. for $50 billion over false allegations regarding the 2016 election, former Rep. Duncan Hunter’s going to prison for misusing campaign funds or Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots football team? Watch the individual segment by clicking here to learn more.

2. Do you think Arizona, Illinois and Florida should have held Democratic primaries  (March 17), given the coronavirus outbreak? Which candidate might have been helped  by this decision, former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders? Explain.

To learn about the challenges poll workers faced (i.e. 80 polling sites in Arizona had to be closed due to coronavirus), watch this NewsHour video or read this article via NewsHour.

Extension activity: 

Check out this activity with your students: https://to.pbs.org/3aSFkmr Students across PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs (SRL) network were asked what information they’ve heard regarding the coronavirus. Choose a video to watch and answer the questions below.



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