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September 1, 2013

Teach Syria

This resource was created by Teach Deeply (the educational arm of Syria Deeply) in coordination with IAmSyria.org and Share My Lesson

Six easy steps for a teacher-friendly, zero-prep, 40-minute lesson plan on Syria. This resource is full of engaging visuals, ready-to-use PowerPoints and Prezis with narration, and provides activity and extension materials to accompany the lesson

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Click here to find more resources on Syria through Share My Lesson


History, geography, government, current events

Estimated Time

40 minutes

Grade Level

High School

Lesson Outline

Introduction (1 minute)
  1. Sign up for a free Prezi account and give your students background with the Syria the Basics Prezi. (5 minutes)  Follow up with another Prezi about Youth Projects across America: Just press play! (3 minutes)
  2. Click through the Powerpoint slides and have your student fill out the accompanying fill-in-the-blank worksheet (8 minutes)
  3. Pick a president and do the presidential cabinet simulation Exercise (20 minutes)
  4. Inform your Students about what they can do (2 minutes)
  5. Hand out the Common Core Essay Assignment for Homework. (1 minute)

Please visit the following sites for further valuable educational resources on Syria:


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