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"I don't think Senator Dole is too old to be president. It's the age of his ideas that I question." - President Bill Clinton
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Transcript: Although his party had suffered crushing defeats in the off-year election of 1994, President Bill Clinton ran on a more moderate platform of welfare reform and a new limited outlook on what government should do. His opponent, Republican Sen. Bob Dole decided the campaign and especially the debates should be about ideas rather than the personal attacks and character questions.

This version of the report aired as part of the original Debating Our Destiny documentary in 2000.

Candidate Interviews

President Clinton and Sen. Dole

Bill Clinton (D),


Bob Dole (R),
United States Senator (KS)


Al Gore (D),
Vice President


Jack Kemp (R),
Former U.S. Rep. (NY)


Debate Transcripts

First Presidential Debate - October 6,1996

Second Presidential Debate - October 16,1996

Vice Presidential Debate - October 9,1996

Transcripts from the Commision on Presidential Debates

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