Sphyraena barracuda

Habitat: Great barracuda typically are found on and around shallow coral reefs.

Average adult size: Adults can grow to be 6 feet long.

Natural history: Barracuda typically are found by themselves or in small groups. They are silvery green, but like the Nassau grouper they can change color to a dark pattern with many bars. When you are a big predator, matching your surroundings is the key. Barracuda feed on small and medium-size reef fishes. Barracuda have gotten a bad reputation for two reasons. They have a big jaw lined with sharp teeth, and they are curious. If you are swimming along and feel like you are being watched, you probably are. Barracuda tend to follow divers around the reef. No harm intended, they are just inquisitive. Barracuda never bite people on purpose. The only attacks involve spearfishing or a mistaken identity in murky water.

Range: In temperate and tropical oceans.

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