Carcharhinus perezi

Habitat: Caribbean reef sharks typically are found on or near coral reefs.

Average adult size: Adults can grow to be 10 feet long.

Natural history: The Caribbean reef shark is a member of the Requiem shark family. When we conjure up a picture in our mind, this is the "classic" shark. They are big, fast, full-bodied sharks. They also are the sharks most commonly seen on coral reefs. Caribbean reef sharks typically are seen cruising the edge of the reef, over deep water. They feed on reef fishes, rays and large crabs. Females have four to six pups that are about 2 feet long at birth. Recently, dive operations in the Bahamas plan "shark" dives for their guests. They place bait in a canister on the reef to ring the shark dinner bell. Sharks appear out of nowhere, smelling the bait from up to a quarter of a mile away. Divers get a once in a lifetime thrill, and the sharks get an easy meal.

Range: From Florida south to Brazil.

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