Triaenodon obesus

Habitat: Whitetip reef sharks typically are found resting in caves and under ledges.

Average adult size: Adults can grow to be 7 feet long.

Natural history: Whitetip reef sharks are very common in the tropical Pacific. They are found in lagoons, reef flats and most commonly on reef faces. They often rest in groups during the day and are active hunters at night. Whitetips will search every crack and crevice of the reef, even breaking off coral heads to get their prey. Whitetips feed on reef fishes, crabs, lobsters and octopuses. Individuals may return to the same cave or crevice everyday, sometimes for years. Shark courtship is pretty rough. The male bites and holds onto the female's pectoral fins. He often leaves scars during mating. She will carry the young for 13 months and will have one to five pups per litter.

Range: Found in most of the tropical Indo-Pacific.

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