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Program Credits
Claudia Levin, Producer/Director
When Claudia Levin first began working on "Only A Teacher," she conceived it as a one-hour film that would tell the chronological history of the teaching profession. Over five years later, and with over 100 hours of film and video footage in hand, "Only A Teacher" grew into much more than that. Levin realized that the teaching profession cannot be reduced to a simple chronology; it reflects the social history of the United States over the past 200 years and the story was too complex to tell in only one hour.

Before embarking on this project, Levin co-produced/directed the Florentine Films' award-winning documentary "Rebuilding the Temple: Cambodians in America" with Lawrence Hott. It was broadcast nationally on PBS in 1992 and was re-broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 1995. "Rebuilding the Temple" was the recipient of numerous national and international awards including a CINE Golden Eagle; a Silver Medal, Chicago International Film Festival; a Gold Medal, National Educational Film and Video Festival; and screenings at the Asian-American Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Meg Pinto, Associate Producer/Scriptwriter
Meg Pinto is a teacher and seasoned writer. She has taught writing and literature at both the high school and college level (most recently at Princeton University) for over 20 years. Pinto has also led writing workshops at schools and in community centers. She began as researcher and scriptwriter on this project, but soon became engaged in almost all aspects of production. Her work on "Only A Teacher" reflects her longstanding commitment to teachers and teaching.

Stephen McCarthy and Allen Moore, Cinematographers
Stephen McCarthy and Allen Moore are both veteran directors of photography, shooting for Ken and Rick Burns, Lawrence Hott and many other independent producers. McCarthy's work was recently seen on "Vote for Me" (a Peabody award winner), "Signal to Noise," and MTV's "Real World Boston." Ken Burns' film "Thomas Jefferson" featured Allen Moore's camera work, as did "The Civil War." Moore was also the principal cinematographer for Lawrence Hott's Emmy-award winning program "Divided Highways."

Charles Scott, Editor
Charles Scott's name has headed the credits of many national PBS programs including "Africans in America" (episodes 1 and 2). He also edited for the series "People's Century," "The Kennedys," and "Eyes on the Prize," to name a few. He has won an Emmy and other prestigious prizes for his work.

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