Blueprint Special

The Case:

A WWII veteran from Chico, California owns a unique souvenir from his time as a young GI. While stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, he picked up a 16-inch acetate recording of a promo for a soldier musical called “Hi Yank.”

The recording starts with a director's introduction explaining the musical is a “blueprint special” created by GIs for GIs to be performed anywhere in the world. Our contributor has heard of United Service Organization shows to support troops by boosting morale, but never a “blueprint special” musical.

Could this recording be a piece of forgotten history?

History Detectives meets with U.S. Army archivists and historians to find out if this disk was connected to the American war effort.

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Season 6, Episode 10

Elyse Luray Location:
Washington, D.C. and Virginia

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