Moon Museum

The Case:

A Florida art curator purchased a mysterious work of art at an online auction: a tiny ceramic chip with six images.

The seller told him the tiny images were the works of several prominent artists, including Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. He went on to say that they made this chip as a miniature art museum to attach to the Apollo 12 lunar module launched in November 1969.

Did NASA actually deliver the artwork of Andy Warhol to the moon?

History Detectives tracks down three eyewitnesses to this historic moment. Gwen Wright talks to the artist behind the miniature museum to learn the incredible story behind this idea and how they shrank the artwork to a minute chip. She meets with an Apollo 12 astronaut; and finally, she talks to the launch pad foreman for Apollo 12 to find out whether Andy Warhol’s art went to the moon, and whether it might still be there.

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Season 8, Episode 1
Season 9, Episode 9

Gwen Wright Location:
Houston, Texas and New York

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