War & Peace


CIA & The Vietnam Policymakers

Lengthy "recently declassified study" gives the inside perspective of the Intelligence Community, 1962-1968.

Library of Congress: Veteran's History Project

Searchable collection of first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans from 20th Century wars (many digital items).

PBS: Online Newshour: Remembering Vietnam

Reflections of troops, reporters, others; news (recent and archive); section on peace protests.

PBS: American Experience: Return With Honor

Prisoners of war held in North Vietnam; includes timeline, gallery, key figures, prison conditions.

PBS: American Experience: Vietnam Online

Overview of the war and main events, including timeline, "who's who," selected primary sources, maps.


"Armies of the Night: History as a Novel: the Novel as History," Norman Mailer, 1968

Award-winning recounting of Mailer's own participation in the massive march for peace October 21, 1967.

"The Best and the Brightest," David Halberstam, 1972

An account of the war that targets reasons for failure, "flawed policy makers" and the forces that drove them.

"Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam," H.R. McMaster, 1997

An Army major's view of military culpability in Vietnam, and responsibilities of leadership.

"In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam," Robert S. McNamara, 1995

Part indictment, part confessional, penned by the Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson.

"No More Vietnams,", Richard M. Nixon 1985

"Quintessential Nixon" emphasizing military solution, concerns about Soviet power, and "losing" the war.



PBS: Online Newshour: Going Back to Chicago

A retrospective feature about the 1968 Democratic Convention, the violence, politics, inside stories.

PBS: American Experience: The Kennedys

Site examining the political family dynasty, including President John Kennedy, candidate Robert Kennedy.

PBS: American Experience: The Presidents: Richard Nixon

Overview of early career, Presidency, domestic and international affairs, legacy; variety of resources.

PBS: Independent Lens: The Weather Underground

Members of the radical student group, their plans to overthrow the government by "any means necessary."


"The Conscience of a Conservative," Barry Goldwater, 1960

Popular at the time, and remains perceived as topical material in politically conservative circles.

"J.F.K.: The Man and the Myth," Victor Lasky, 1963

Released in the wake of Kennedy's assassination, an examination of power politics and personal faults.

"The Selling of the President 1968," Joe McGinniss 1969

Journalistic view of Nixon's presidential campaign; relationships of advertising, PR and politics.

"The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage," Todd Gitlin, 1987

Critically acclaimed account of the decade, by an early president of Students for a Democratic Society.

"1968 In America," Charles Kaiser, 1988

How music and politics combined to produce the zeitgeist of the '60's.

Pop Culture


LBJ Library: The Swingin' Sixties

An intensive sensory montage of the era's pop culture, featuring icons of '60s film and TV, fashions, more. NOTE: Requires Quicktime plugin to view.

Nat'l Museum of American History: Lisa Law: A Visual Journey

One woman's photo-record of life in the counterculture; a unique and memorable online memoir.

Official Ken Kesey Site

A '60s flashback featuring writings by Kesey and friends; site is commercial, run by son Zane Kesey.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Visual Timeline

A knowledgebase of pop music, encased in an "interactive, animated compendium" responsive to user input.


"In Cold Blood; A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences," Truman Capote, 1966

Claimed as the original "nonfiction novel," based on years of research into Kansas farm family massacre.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Ken Kesey, 1962

Cautionary tale about society's push to eliminate the nonconformist; a critical and popular success.

"Up the Down Staircase,", Bel Kaufman, 1965

Letters, memos, reports, other papers reveal the frustrations of a first-year teacher in Inner City.

"Valley of the Dolls," Jacqueline Susann, 1966

Ambitious young actresses attracted to the wrong men, and easily available "dolls" (tranquilizing drugs).



PBS: American Experience: Citizen King

Biography of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. exploring the last five years of his life from the "I Have a Dream" speech to his assasination in Memphis in 1968.

PBS: P.O.V.: Brother Outsider

Biography of activist Bayard Rustin offers insights into politics of civil rights and gay rights.

PBS: A Huey P. Newton Story

Black Panthers' co-founder considered from many angles; includes his poetry, a timeline of movements.

PBS: American Experience: Malcolm X

Biographies of Malcolm X and relevant personalities, interviews, events, and photo gallery.

PBS: American Experience: The Pill

Real people talk about the Pill's effect on '60s life and behavior; also a timeline and photo gallery.


"Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test", Tom Wolfe, 1968

"New journalism" account of trips (taken on a bus and/or LSD) by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters.

"The Feminine Mystique", Betty Friedan, 1963

Nonfiction work based on a survey of classmates from 1942, identifies a general unease, repression of self.

"The Group", Mary McCarthy, 1963

Sexually charged story of young women with lives larger than traditional roles of happy wife and mother.

"Silent Spring", Rachel Carson, 1962

As subversive "disinformation" or ecological exposť, generally credited for launching ecology movement.

"Steal This Book", Abbie Hoffman, 1971

Irreverent underground survival-manual full of advice on topics from free clinics to Molotov cocktails.

Sixties Timelines

PBS: African American World: Civil Rights Era

Links directly to content about the Civil Rights Era (full timeline spans centuries).

PBS: Battlefield Vietnam

Chronicle of events from 1945 to 1975, gives excellent detail and correlation.

PBS: American Experience: Citizen King

Provides links to 6 timelines (4 by PBS), offering different perspectives of African-American experience during the mid-century.

PBS: People's Century: Timeline

Offers choice of 26 critical periods in 20th century; links to sites featuring personal testimony.

PBS: American Experience: RFK: Shock Year 1968

Intensive one-year timeline shows collision of social crises and events, culminating in 1968. (Shockwave or text-only versions.)


"A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority," 1967

"A Time for Choosing," speech by Ronald Reagan, Oct 27 1964

[mp3 and text formats]

"The Bitch Manifesto," by Joreen, 1968

"Black Panther Party Platform and Program," Oct 1966

"The Digger Papers", Aug 1968

"First Kennedy-Nixon Debate," Sept 26, 1960

[text and Realmedia formats]

"I Have a Dream," speech by Martin Luther King Jr., Aug 28, 1963

[text (multiple languages), QuickTime and Realmedia formats]

"The Port Huron Statement", Students for a Democratic Society 1962

"Inaugural Address, President John F. Kennedy," Jan 20, 1961

[text and Realmedia formats]

"The Sharon Statement," 1960 Young Americans for Freedom