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Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family
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Selected excerpts from Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family.

women in bathroom The Deepest Secret
In a society that promotes the image of being thin, it is difficult for these women to reconcile...
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Marya I Really Was That Crazy... It Wasn't A Joke Anymore
I realized they were talking about putting me in a mental institution for good...
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Judy Hornbacher I Wanted to be Perfect
It seemed to me children ought to be adults...
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Annie Family Therapy
Annie is now in individual therapy; this has become a source of conflict...
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Saras and Suni After Family Therapy
After two days of family therapy, Saras is looking at herself, and her family relationships, differently...
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Anna Westin In Most States, Insurance Companies Deny Coverage
The insurance company, who had never talked to Anna, had never seen her, didn't know anything about her...
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