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Series producer:
Martin Smith
Martin Sheen
Series Associate producer:
David Boardman
Archive film producer:
Adrian Wood
Assistant producers:
Karin Basford
Mercedes Yaeger
Original music:
Chris Elliott
Film Research:
Polly Pettit
Leena Chitnis
Joshua Ferg
Eduard Gomez
Adam Grint
Episode producers/writers:
Martin Smith ("Infamy," "Triumph")
Scott Pearson ("Battlefronts")
Greg Palmer ("Wrath").
Executive producers:
David Rabinovitch, KCTS/Seattle
Polly Bide, Carlton Television
Alastair Waddington, TWI.
Historical Consultants:
Judy Barrett Litoff PhD
Michael S. Sherry PhD
Ronald Spector PhD

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Joshua Sliwa
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Wiggly World
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Image Credits:
Images appear courtesy of the National Archives in Washington DC, and the series, The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color.

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