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Public Broadcasting in the News

CPB Has ‘No Immediate Plans’ to Replace Outgoing Ombudsman

The Corporation for Public Broadcast said it has “no immediate plans” to replace Jan Schaffer, whose three-year term as ombudsman at the congressionally-created oversight body has ended, Current Newspaper reports. 

NPR Will Recognize Digital Employees’ Union

NPR said it would recognize a union of about 63 workers who work in the public radio network’s digital operations, Current Newspaper reported. 

Pandemic Year Highlighted Value of Public TV, Kerger Tells Variety Podcast

“In many ways (2020) was the most important year ever for PBS,” the Service’s president and CEO Paula Kerger told Variety’s Strictly Business podcast, the entertainment magazine reports. 

News Deserts

Do you live in a ‘news desert’? The University of North Carolina’s Hussman School of Journalism looks at the growing gaps in news coverage left by the closures of local newspapers around the country.

When Texas Border Town Lost Its Only Paper, Local Start-up Filled Void

When the Southwestern border town of Del Rio, Texas, lost its only newspaper, a local man stepped in with an investment in print, turning his event-oriented website into a news outlet with a print edition. He’s helping fight back against the encroaching edges of a news desert.

...more on 'News Deserts' and what PBS can do about them (older coverage)

Against the growing phenomena of news deserts in the United States – areas where local news outlets have failed or have been gutted by the loss of ad revenue – PBS is being called upon to act. One suggested remedy is overhauling the way the Corporation for Public Broadcasting issues grants for public affairs programming, from a Washington, DC -based metric to spending decided by local news producers. ...