Production Credits

Ellen Schneider, Creator/Executive Producer

Ellen Schneider is executive director of American Documentary, Inc., the company that produces the PBS series P.O.V. Contributing to the series in a range of capacities since 1989, she has been responsible for positioning and introducing non-mainstream work to public television audiences nationwide. For AmDoc/P.O.V. she created Talking Back: Video Letters to P.O.V., a camcorder viewer-response segment, and High Impact Television, which links programming, individuals, grassroots organizations and other media. More...

Steve Atlas, Executive Editor

Steve Atlas produces nonfiction, public affairs programming for public and commercial television. Since 1997, he has run Far From Home Video, an independent production company that specializes in the use of small format and digital video. In addition to RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, the company's current projects include Inside the Presidency, an election year series with Roger Mudd for The History Channel. More...

Directed and editorially controlled by the individual diarists:

Jeanne Currell

Yolanda Pritchett

Jack Liu

Jonelle Thornton

Series Credits

Supervising Editor Ira Meistrich

Series Producer Adam Mosston

Diary Producers Andrea Elovson Adam Mosston Nicole Reindorf Meredith Woods

Diary Editors Andrea Elovson Arnie Harchik George Kachadorian Ira Meistrich

Story Editor Meredith Woods

Senior Researcher Nicole Reindorf

Associate Producer Chris Dick

Production Supervisor George Kachadorian

Post Production Editor Vannessa Boris

Post Production Facilities Outpost Cambridge Television

Graphics One80 Visual

Music Mason Daring Sin Yun Lee Shane Koss Belizbeha

Technical Adviser Wilson Chao

Editorial Advisers Michael Kirk Edi Smockum

Interns Jonathan Beardsley Katherine Bekeris Alla Kovgran Matthew Osborn

For American Documentary

Managing Directors Simon Kilmurry Laura Bundesen
Executive Editor
Steve Atlas
Executive Producer
Ellen Schneider

Produced in association with the Independent Television Service.

This program was produced by American Documentary, Inc., which is solely responsible for its content. Copyright 2000, American Documentary, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Production Credits

Ellen Schneider

Creator/Exective Producer

Full Biography

Steve Atlas

Executive Editor

Full Biography

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