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    Introductory Activities

    Introductory Activities:

    Sample introductory script

    Handout for Episode One

    Handout for Episode Two

    Handout for Episode Three

    Handout for Episode Four

    Teacher's Note: This introductory activity sets the stage for students' experience of all or part of the broadcast series. Using this activity with your students will help focus their experience of the programs in a way that will help them reach the educational goals of the program materials. As is the case with any of the materials on this site, you may choose to use this as it appears here, following it as a script for classroom activity, or you may alter it to fit the needs of your particular group of students.

    The simplest way to carry out this activity is to:

    • Print out, and copy for each student, the handout for the segment of the program you're studying
    • Read to the students the "script" for the appropriate lesson. One hint: where lists appear in this "script," try asking the students for their own ideas, accepting any reasonable insights as you note them on the chalkboard. Only after the students have a chance to suggest list elements should you try to steer them toward an "official" taxonomy.
    • Play the tape for the students. Feel free to identify the section of the tape playing at any given moment; this will help them to keep on task. (Of course, you may need to play only a segment of the tape. If you do so, just let the students know what part of the tape you are playing.
    • Discuss the tape segment with the students. Ask them to answer--either in class or in writing--the discussion questions printed at the foot of each handout.
    • Evaluate student's success according to your established grading procedures. You will probably want to include in your evaluation such factors as accuracy, completeness, and relevance to the program segment viewed.
    • Consider a follow-up using one or more of the Extension Activities.

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