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Getting Ready for the Season: Alex & Judith N.
Alex is a nine-year-old who plays Little League in central Pennsylvania. He's been playing organized baseball ever since he was in kindergarten. His dad is a coach. Alex loves baseball, whether it's on the field or on a computer.

Judith is Alex' mother. She works as a medical technologist and has two other kids, a 12 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. She's always loved baseball, having grown up in a family of Philadelphia Phillies fans.
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ALEX, March 29, 2004
My dad just told me that our season will be starting soon, and I'm really looking forward to it. Our team this year is going to be mostly guys I know, including my friends Brian and Keith, who were on another team last year. I think our chances are pretty good but my father says not to get too confident this early. He went out to the field with me and my brother on Saturday morning to work on my hitting, even though it was only about 40 degrees. I think I should do okay this year.
JUDITH, March 29, 2004
Alex always gets excited about playing baseball when March rolls around, but this year he's really pumped up. I think he's looking forward to playing with his best friends on the same team, and they'll probably be inseperable once season starts. My husband is coaching (again) and he's pumped up in his own quiet way. He goes off to the den and goes on his computer and wades through player lists and rules and all the stuff I'm glad I don't have to worry about! I just have to provide all the support services for Alex and his brother, and that's plenty.
ALEX, April 12, 2004
When will it stop raining! We had practice in the gym today. That was cool because we got to have batting practice. I hope we get to be outside tomorrow, I want to be catcher. We are going to have a great team.
JUDITH, April 12, 2004
Thank goodness for email . If I have to change this practice one more time I'll go nuts. Just when we might be able to practice outdoors we get a downpour . It can't rain forever. Thankfully, we have a gym to practice in. The family who converted their garage to a gym has a daughter on our team. They have invited us to practice indoors.This should be fun, warm and dry.

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