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Let's Make a Deal
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Woman throws a bowling ball

What preconditions should a producer accept in order to land an important interview?


Here's the situation:

A producer working on a film about the history of bowling is eager to interview a reclusive professor who chairs a university’s “bowling management” program, where students study topics like lane care and “pinsetter mechanics.” In exchange for persuading the professor to appear on camera, the university’s media relations official insists that the interview must be limited to 15 minutes. The official also insists that the film must, in its own narrative voice, describe the bowling management program as “academically rigorous.” In an email exchange with the official, the producer agrees to both requests, responding “deal.”

The producer reasons that getting 15 minutes of access to the professor is better than none at all and that he has no reason to question the merits of the bowling management program given the university’s strong academic reputation. The producer also reasons that getting the professor to sit for even a brief interview will make for a much more interesting film.


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