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Paul Sánchez-Navarro
Director of Centro Ecológico Akumal

Paul Sánchez-Navarro is Director of Centro Ecológico Akumal. He has a Master’s degree in International relations and was Policy Advisor with World Wildlife (WWF) Foundation International and both the WWF México Office and Pronatura.

Paul has worked on development and environmental issues at the local, national and international levels for fifteen years. He has also designed policy strategies for non-governmental organizations, and participated in national efforts to improve México's environmental policy framework. He completed four years as Director of Centro Ecológico Akumal this year.

Focusing on marine and coastal protection, he is now working to create a model of sustainable tourism development in Akumal, one of Quintana Roo’s first tourism destinations. Half Mexican and half United States American, Sánchez-Navarro’s life reflects the blend of both cultures as he works to better understand and contribute to the relationships between democracy, economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Visit Navarro's Career’s in Science page»


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