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Dangerous Catch

Plenty of fish in the sea? Not anymore. As wild supplies dwindle, the long hidden ties binding all life to the ocean are clearly coming into view. Can we ignore these powerful connections? What can we do to protect the ocean, ourselves and our future?


Our massive demands on the ocean’s bounty impacts life far beyond the shoreline: bushmeat hunting is on the rise in Ghana while in Namibia; fishing grounds struggle to recover as putrid fumes explode from the ocean depths and poison the waters; and radical new fish farms are sprouting up from Puerto Rico to Canada. Across the globe, all life is feeling the effects of overfishing. Can we protect fish in time to safeguard the ocean, life on land and ultimately ourselves? Find out how we all can make a difference.

To learn about the global scale of this problem and why you personally should care, go to Why Should We Care?
Interested in following our scientific detectives researching this issue head on? Are you curious about more facts? Visit What Do Experts Say?
Want to try your hand at calculating your footprint? Try How Do I Measure Up?
Feeling discouraged? Frustrated? Uninspired? Become part of the solution and dive into What Can We Do?

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