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Series Credits

 Dirty Secrets
 with Edward Norton

Produced and Directed by
Rob Whittlesey

Music Composed by
Sheldon Mirowitz

Series Producer
David Elisco

Executive Producer
Mark Shelley

Executive Producer
Stephen Reverand

Stephanie Munroe

Julie Crawford

Creative Consultant
John Rubin

Line Producer
Brook Holston

Field Producer
Ana Salceda

Director, Host Sequences
Drew Takahashi

Director of Research
Tierney Thys

Erich Roland
Mark Knobil
Stephen McCarthy
John Chater
Joe Vitagliano
Jon Shenk
Peck Euwer
Phillip Powell
Tizoc De Moral

Underwater Cinematographers
Ernie Kovacs

Assistant Camera, Underwater
Pietro Donaggio

Len Schmitz
Dick Kane
Austin Storms
Petr Stepaneck

Dino Distefano
Fred Burnham
Chuck Stanton
Doug Dunderdale

Jib Operator
Ray Brown
Dan Desloge

Post Production
Phillip Powel

Production /Post Production Coordinator
Hannah Smith Walker

Post Production Assistants
Blaise Douros
Derek Dockendorf

Claudia Tovar
Jeanette Rigter

Outreach Manager
Rita Bunzel

Outreach Research
Mark Walker

Production Assistants
Chris Prosser
Chris Raymond
Enrique Estrada

Advisory Board
Dan Barstow
Paul Boyle
Judy Braus
Andrew Dobson
Robert Dunbar
Sylvia Earle
John Francis
Nancy Knowlton
Rebecca Lewison
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Jane Lubchenco
Harold Mooney
Ron Keith O’Dor
Stephen Palumbi
Sandra Postel
Andrew Rosenberg
Michael Sutton

The Producers Thank
Benjamin Carmona
La Tortuga Hotel
Centro para el  Estudio del Agua
Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán, A.C.
GPM Aeroservicio
ProTec Diving
A2 Communication Arts
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Cooke Aquaculture, NB
St. Andrews Biological Station, NB
NOAA, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
University of California Davis, Bodega Marine Labs
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Remote Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Sanitation District of Los Angeles County
The Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center
University of Missouri - Columbia
Dave Gauthier, VIMS
Dave  Jasinski, VIMS
Rob LaTour, VIMS
K. David Hyrenbach
Bill Henry
Carol Keiper
Sophie Webb
Captain Michael Carver
Captain Skylie McAfee
Puente Hills Landfill

Animation by
Andy Murdock
Lots of Robots

HD Post Production
Video Arts/San Francisco

Ed Rudolph

HD On-line Editor
Loren Sorensen

FX Artists
Zacharia Pineda
Dave Murray

Sound Design and Mix
Bob Edwards
Skywalker Sound, A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company

Footage and Images provided by
America By Air Llc
Ap Archive / Getty Images
Prof. Robert J. Diaz, College Of William And Mary
Claire Fackler / Noaa
Finnish Institute Of Marine Research
Flw Outdoors
Footagebank Hd
Imagebank Film / Getty Images
Kqed / Ocean Futures Society
Gerald Langer
Laptew Productions
Bill Macdonald / Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Allen Mason
Barbara Mayer
National Geographic Digital Motion
Oregon State University, Jane Lubchenco
Outdoors Maryland, Maryland Public Television
Roberto Iglesias-Prieto
Silverman Stock Footage
Thought Equity Motion
Virginia Institute Of Marine Sciences
Cynthia Vanderlip / Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Wolfgang Vogelbein

For Sea Studios Foundation

Foundation Office Manager
Jacqueline Rose

Deirdre Doherty

Business Affairs
Dennis Long

Director for Strategy & Programs
P.J. Simmons

Deputy Executive Director
Daniella Russo

Senior Management Advisor
Steve Dennis

Diane Kelly

Financial Support Manager
Sheila Taylor

Linda Raley

For National Geographic Television & Film

Production Manager
Chris Maes

Production Coordinator
Heather Tveter
Lindsay Kin

Director of Research
Todd Herman

Jonathan Sacks

Stock Footage Research and Coordination
Melissa Matchett

Post Production Supervisor
Susan Lach

Post Production Coordinator
Reina Nishida

Specialist, Rights and Clearances
Katie Lee

Manager, Rights and Clearances
Marlene Walker-Golden

Manager, Post Production
Braden Mcilvaine

Specialist Facilities and Scheduling
Marcie Callahan

Manager, Facilities and Scheduling
Julia Whitcomb Sheehy

Chief Engineer
Dwight Mayhew

Director, Art and Animation
Keith Kolder

Manager, Art and Animation
Jesse Gordon

Director, Rights and Clearances
Catherine Yelloz

Director, Production Systems
Beverley Marecheau Mitchell

Director, Operations
Traci C. Drummond

Vice President, Operations
Michael Castro

Senior Vice President, Standards and Practices
Scott Wyerman

Senior Vice President, Specials
Stephen Reverand

Executive Vice President, Editorial and New Business Development
Maryanne Culpepper

President, National Geographic Television
Michael Rosenfeld

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