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Risk Factors
Who's At Risk?
Which of the following would you say is the most likely to commit suicide?

A. A straight-A student
B. A student who is gifted in athletics
C. A student who is abusing drugs and failing in school
D. A student who is very popular
E. All of the above are at equal risk


E. Under the right — or wrong — circumstances, all of the above could commit suicide.

Teenagers tend to experience strong feelings of stress, confusion, self-doubt, pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty, and other fears while growing up.

For some teenagers, divorce, the formation of a new family with stepparents and stepsiblings, or moving to a new community can be very unsettling and can intensify self-doubts. In some cases, suicide appears to be a "solution." But depression and suicidal feelings are treatable conditions.

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