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The End of Racism-Parts I & II

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Is Racial Profiling Real?  (aired 7/19/2001)
From California to Cincinnati to New Jersey, police departments are being confronted with the incendiary charge of racial profiling. But just what is racial profiling? How widespread is it? And does the crusade to abolish it threaten to undermine law enforcement? Think Tank panelist Heather Mac Donald challenges conventional wisdom. In a recent article in the City Journal titled, "The Myth of Racial Profiling," she writes: "The anti-’racial profiling’ juggernaut must be stopped before it obliterates the crime-fighting gains of the last decade, especially in inner cities." Is racial profiling real?

Integration on America’s Campuses  (aired 10/1/1998)
Two competing trends are occurring in America. Colleges are becoming more diverse. And yet, black colleges are gaining in popularity, affirmative action is in retreat in states like California, and self-segregation within campus life seems more prevalent.

Is America Going Color Blind?  (aired 5/29/1997)
Can America have a colorblind society? Should it? Think Tank re-visits this most persistent theme.

Affirmative Action and Reaction  (aired 5/12/1995)
Think Tank discusses the heated issue of affirmative action with distinguished professor, Lani Guiner.

Race, I.Q., American Society and Charles Murray   (aired 10/21/1994)
Is there a racial difference in IQ? And what is the future of America if it becomes increasingly stratified by intellectual ability? These questions surround the debate over Charles Murray’s recent book The Bell Curve.

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