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Orwell’s Century

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

The Future of Socialism  (aired 7/7/2005)
By the 1970s, roughly 60 percent of the earth’s population lived under governments that espoused socialism in one form or another. But this is the era of free market economics. In Britain, Tony Blair has changed what it means to be a socialist. Israel’s famed kibbutz system, once the ideal of socialist utopianism has withered and what is left is now part of the market economy. And China is redefining its own brand of communism. What is the future of socialism?

Whatever Happened to Socialism?  (aired 6/13/2002)
The Twentieth Century has been called the Age of Ideology. One idea stands out as perhaps the most influential of all: Socialism. Some believe it is the most humane political idea ever invented, the key to peace and prosperity. Others accuse it of creating poverty and giving rise to the bloodiest regimes of the Twentieth Century. Did Socialism fulfill its promise? Perhaps most important, does Socialism still exist?

The Commanding Heights  (aired 3/22/2002)
This week, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg examines the shifting tide of economic thought. In the last two decades, the free-market capitalist model seems everywhere on the march, routing communism and pushing tired welfare states to privatize, cut back benefits and increase the sphere of the individual in society. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin documents this chain of events in his acclaimed book "The Commanding Heights."

Does Liberalism Have a Future?  (aired 4/25/1999)
Think Tank explores whether or not liberalism is a fading off of the forefront of American ideology today. Has conservatism overshadowed liberalism for the time being, forever, or even at all?

The Heart and Soul of Conservatism  (aired 3/21/1996)
The battle of the Republican nomination appears to have ended, but a different struggle over the nature of conservatism rages on. Which ideas will flourish in the Republican Party? Which vision might capture the imagination of Americans?

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