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spaceJennifer BelcherspaceJennifer Belcher
"I think cultural identity is important in shaping who you are as an individual, but I don't think it has to be from one culture ..."
spaceDante BenedettispaceDante Benedetti
"It was tough growing up in an Italian family in North Beach, but because of that toughness, you really felt like you belonged to somebody ..."
spaceChris JenkinsspaceChris Jenkins
"Traditions with family are like reminders of the past, tangible markers that help bond me with those I love ..."

Who are we? How does our culture shape who we are? Does culture matter? Can knowing our ancestry change how we think about ourselves?

These and other similar questions are raised in the film "Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey." Here, in Sharing Stories, you have an opportunity to explore these issues with other users.

At right, Jennifer Belcher, Dante Benedetti and Chris Jenkins -- all Americans with very different cultural backgrounds and experiences -- address the following four questions:

  • Explain the significance of community in your life.

  • Is cultural identity important to you? Why?

  • How do traditions play a part in your life?

  • Is keeping ancient ways alive important? Why?

Read what our featured storytellers have to say, then click on Enter Sharing Stories and respond to their stories, or contribute a story of your own.