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Hosted by Jeffery Lehmann

Jeffrey Lehman
At the ripe old age of 14, I was considered an explorer. A unique set of circumstances landed me in Western Europe with a passport and a Eurail Pass in hand, and for three months I explored the continent alone. My daily postcards home of adventures from chasing reindeer in the Arctic Circle to crawling through catacombs in Rome become so popular with friends and neighbors my mother resorted to creating and distributing a weekly newsletter.

At 17, I spent a year as an exchange student exploring New Zealand, and took the opportunity to visit Australia and Hawaii. Kayaking over waterfalls, scaling glaciers, and diving with sharks off the Great Barrier Reef only increased the interest in my postcards.

While still in college, I bought a travel agency. The six travel agents working with me made the reservations, while I promoted the agency and shared my first hand knowledge of the many destinations I had visited. Sharing great adventure stories and precious travel information soon led me into organizing and guiding trips and then into photography and finally into video and film.

After traveling the world, I learned that there was precious little information and intense interest in those places I knew best. By leading bicyclist through the Sierra Nevadas, rock climbing in the Rocky Mountains, guiding whitewater rafts through rapids in California's Gold Country, searching for whales off Cape Cod, studying the ancient and Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, exploring ghost towns in the 'Old West', captaining sailing adventures in the Pacific Ocean, and escorting groups through the rugged Baja peninsula, I gained valuable experience. This interest and specialized knowledge drove me to share this information through the Weekend Explorer television series.

I invite you to join me on this journey!

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