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Ellen Levine: Producer

Ellen Levine began her career in entertainment working in feature films for Doty-Dayton Productions, where she wrote numerous television commercials for the company’s popular family films and then moved into media buying for radio and television. She eventually transitioned to production, coordinating many network pilots and series including The Fitzpatricks; as well as television movies, including, for ABC, More Than Friends starring Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall and Salvage starring Andy Griffith and Joel Higgins; and, for CBS, Blinded by the Light starring Kristi McNichol and Stand By Your Man, the Tammy Wynette story.

Levine became especially interested in long-form docudrama and moved up to associate producer on the prestigious CBS film The Ordeal of Bill Carney starring Ray Sharkey and Richard Crenna. She continued as an associate producer on CBS’s The Gift of Life about surrogate parenting, starring Susan Dey; and White Water Rebels with James Brolin.

She then began developing original ideas for long-form television and sold and produced The Fighter based on her original treatment. The film aired on CBS and starred Gregory Harrison and Pat Hingle. After completion of that film, Levine began her executive career, accepting a position as development vice president at Ten-Four Productions, then moving on to director of drama series development at Columbia Pictures Television and eventually a promotion to vice president of drama series at Columbia.

During her tenure at Columbia, Levine was involved in the development and production of many pilots and series including Starman starring Robert Hayes and Juarez starring Benjamin Bratt. After nearly four years at Columbia, she moved into independent production and developed pilot scripts for CBS and ABC. She then became vice president at Vantage Enterprises, where she developed literary material and researched, catalogued and archived a vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia from the 1930s and 1940s that belonged to the company. She also served as producer on the Vantage Enterprises documentary Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secrets for American Movie Classics.

Levine has several current documentaries in development at this time, and she continues her ongoing relationship with Vantage Enterprises and Whidbey Island Films.

She is a graduate of American University and Hahnemann Medical School’s Art Therapy Graduate Program. Levine lives in Los Angeles with her husband and teenage son.

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