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Episode 1: Breaking Ground

Episode 2: A Question of Loyalty

Episode 3: Good Americans

Episode 4: Generation Rising

Episode 5: Breaking Through

A Louisiana Family Discovers Their South Asian Roots

The Astonishing Story of the Men Who Built the Railroad

When You Are Born American but Look Like the Enemy

Susan Ahn Cudd: Korean American Pioneer and Woman Warrior

Patsy Mink: The First Woman of Color in the U.S. Congress

They Were American GI’s but They Looked Like the Enemy

The Filipino Farmworkers Who Made Union History

‘They Liked to Pit the Mexicans Against the Filipinos’

Learning Their Asian American Roots at San Quentin Prison

‘I Was Trying to Figure out Who I Was’

‘On Strike, Shut It Down!’

On Being South Asian American After the Attacks of 9/11

Tereza Lee Was the Inspiration for the Dream Act

Asian Immigrants Helped Build the Silicon Valley

Annie Tan Uncovers a Dark Moment in Her Family’s History

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