The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo
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Photo Gallery
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Frida at 16
Frida at 18, Coyoacán
Portrait of Frida
Frida, winking, NYC
Frida bites necklace
Close-up portrait of Frida
Frida in ponyskin jacket with Cinzano can, NYC
Frida with white dress hanging, Coyoacán
Frida, 1938
Frida CU in chin harness in bed
Frida leans on wall, Coyoacán
Frida painting “The Two Fridas”
Frida in studio
Frida, leans on wall in garden at her house, in Coyoacán
Frida sitting on bed, Coyoacán
Frida, chin in hand
Frida in bed, light, Coyoacán
Postcard of Frida, hospitalized in Mexico
Frida on ship, Vera Cruz
Frida Kahlo w/ cigarette white dress
Frida, in wheelchair/umbrella
Frida in deathbed, Coyoacán

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