The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo
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Where to Find Frida's Paintings
Only a few of Frida's paintings are located at the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City. The rest have found homes in a variety of museums and private collections. Recently, some of her works have made it to the Web.

View a complete list of painting locations

Web Sites About Frida Kahlo
PROA Fundacion: Frida Kahlo Works
View fourteen of Frida's most famous works. Titles and captions are in Spanish.

Frida by Kahlo
View Frida's work in the context of her life.

Frida Kahlo: Self Portraits
This site focuses on the self portraits.

Frida Kahlo and Contemporary Thoughts
An extensive site dedicated to Frida where you will find links to paintings, critical essays and a bibliography. Also has an interesting flash movie using images and quotes from Frida.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
A artist profile of Frida as well as a description of "Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky" can be found at this site.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Find out about Frida's Self-Portrait with Monkey painted in 1938.

The Museum of Modern Art
Read an essay on the inspiration for "Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair."

Phoenix Art Museum: Latin American Collection
This site takes a look at the painting, "The Suicide of Dorothy Hale," and the reaction it caused.

"Frida Kahlo: Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States"
How to understand this artwork when viewed in the cultural context of Frida's life is examined.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo: The Firestone Self-Portraits
This site discusses the two self-portraits painted by Diego and Frida for Sigmund Firestone, an American engineer from Rochester, New York.

Frida Kahlo US
Frida inspired fashions, jewelry, art and other items.

Latin American Arts and Culture:

El Museo del Barrio
New York City's only Latino museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American art.

National Association of Latino Art and Culture
An advocacy and service organization giving voice and support to Latino artists.

Museos en México
A portal listing many museums in Mexico which explore the art, culture and history of Mexico. Web site is in Spanish.

Selected Bibliography
For more on Frida Kahlo's life and her work check out these books:

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