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In ICONIC AMERICA: OUR SYMBOLS AND STORIES, David Rubenstein examines the history of America through some of its most iconic symbols, objects and places, on location and in conversation with historical thinkers, community members and other experts. Together, they dive deep into each symbol’s history and how its meaning has changed over time, using them as a gateway to understanding America’s past and present.  

Did You Know?

In this animated series, you’ll learn the story within the story. From visionaries to villains to all the twists and turns in between. So, jump down the rabbit hole with us and prepare to be amazed.

Points of Interest

As you take your iconic journey across America, here are some cool souvenirs to pick up along the way.

Can You Guess?

How much do you really know about your favorite icon? Sharpen your #2 pencil and get ready to test your talent for trivia. You may begin now.


Episode 4: The Cowboy

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