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The Rough Science team floats a compass in a bucket of water

Everywhere you look you can see the fruits of scientific effort and technological innovation — from mobile phones to medicines, from the clothes we wear to the foods we eat. In the natural world, science has shed much light on the value and function of plants and animals and the interplay of various life forms and habitats. Scientists have opened our eyes to a startling, exciting and occasionally bewildering universe.

Yet, in spite of the ubiquitous nature of science, many people find science daunting and inaccessible. The Rough Science television series and Web site hope to change that. By showing how science can be put to use in everyday life, Rough Science helps viewers to understand that science is a process involving some basic knowledge, a good dose of curiosity, a little guesswork, trial and error, and a certain amount of elbow grease to create technological solutions.

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Create Your Own Rough Science Adventures

Targeted to educators, museum professionals, parents and the general public, these science and technology activities are similar to thise faced by the scientists in the series. They are designed to encourage collaborative learning and experimentation in an informal setting after viewing each episode.

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Water Quality Control Center
Weather Station
Island Power Plant
Island Observatory
Island General Store
Island Restaurant
Tropical Island Day Spa
Tropical Island Party

National Science Education Standards: Grades 5-8
National Science Education Standards: Grades 9-12

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