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The Day After
Kate, Ellen, Jonathan R (the series producer) and I go up the main highway to near Bishop and then left up into the high Sierra Nevadas for a days walking. A lovely, lovely day out. We walked about 14 miles or so, following a well trod path higher and higher, up 1000m or so, into the alpine like mountains. We came across some glacier-fed lakes of the most amazing turquoise blue. We go skinny dipping into the ice cold lakes and dry out in the bright sunshine.

Toward the middle of the walk, near to the highest point, I feel slightly heady, slight sore throat and achy. We are up at about 3000m above sea level here and I guess our quick ascent has made me suffer because of the altitude (this makes sense as later on in the trip when I was well acclimatised I felt fine).

Really great day out and some time to catch up with everybody. We all agreed that it didn’t feel like a year had passed since the last RS. We all seemed to slot right back in to the Rough Science experience.

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