Update: A message from Yamiche Alcindor

Feb. 13, 2023 AT 12:39 p.m. EST

Two years ago, WETA extended the opportunity to me to become the moderator of Washington Week. In that time, our show has led the way in covering some of the biggest stories in our nation's history with some of the best reporters in the country at our table.

Now, after deep thought and some meaningful conversations, I have made the difficult decision to step away from the moderator role of Washington Week. This move will allow me to focus full time on my commitments to NBC News as a Washington Correspondent and to finish my upcoming memoir. My last day at Washington Week will be Friday, February 24.

The work we do is not easy and it has been an honor to assist our audience in making sense of it all. Beyond that, serving in this capacity has also allowed me the extraordinary opportunity to honor the life and legacy of Gwen Ifill, an iconic journalist and the longtime Washington Week moderator who loved the program and personally mentored me and so many other women.

I won't forget about the time, commitment, dedication and hard work that all of the Washington Week team and our amazing guests of reporters put into making the past two years so successful. Our ability to cover the news and make it digestible for the robust PBS audience has been remarkable and for that, I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

And as I step away from Washington Week, I hope this isn’t a goodbye but rather a see you later—as I hope to see you all on the next big story.


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