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The Washington Week Bookshelf: “I Alone Can Fix It”

July 23, 2021
The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig & Philip Rucker join moderator Yamiche Alcindor for an in-depth discussion about their new book “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.”

Cuban Protests & The Latest on COVID-19

July 16, 2021
President Biden’s Latin American policies are challenged as protests spiral in Cuba, due to the government's pandemic response. The panel also discussed pressures on the White House to support a Democratic government in Haiti, and more on the threat of rising COVID cases.

COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Amid Delta Variant Surge

July 9, 2021
As Delta variant case numbers rise across the U.S., President Biden announced a strategy in hopes of containing the virus. The panel also discussed how the administration plans to combat vaccine hesitancy and what this means for the future of the pandemic.

The Washington Week Bookshelf: “Nightmare Scenario”

July 2, 2021
The Washington Post’s Yasmeen Abutaleb & Damian Paletta join moderator Yamiche Alcindor for an in-depth discussion into the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, from their new book “Nightmare Scenario.”

Vice President Kamala Harris Visits The Border

June 25, 2021
Kamala Harris visited the U.S.-Mexico border for the first time as vice president. The panel also discussed President Biden’s missed COVID-19 vaccination goals and the challenges in vaccinating more Americans.

Juneteenth: The Newest American Federal Holiday

June 18, 2021
President Biden signed legislation making Juneteenth a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S. The panel discussed the racial injustice the country continues to face, plus Vice President Kamala Harris’s historic march in a Pride parade.

President Biden’s Upcoming Trip Abroad

June 4, 2021
The panel takes an in-depth look into President Biden’s upcoming overseas meetings with the G7 and NATO, and his meeting with Russian President Putin. The panel also discussed the ongoing crisis in Haiti, Biden raises the alarm about the future of democracy.

America Faces Its History of Race Violence

May 28, 2021
Next week marks the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre that ravaged a community known as “Black Wall Street.” The panel also discussed the 1917 East St. Louis Massacre, the gaps in our education, & what the major political and culture changes seen in the country over the past year.

Abortion Rights Under Fire & the Latest on COVID Restrictions

May 21, 2021
The Supreme Court announced it will take up a case that challenges Roe v. Wade, as states pass new laws restricting abortion access. The panel also discussed the latest CDC guidance on masks, and how businesses are struggling to adjust in a post-COVID vaccine world.