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Reflecting on a Historic Presidential Transition

January 22, 2021
The panelists take the time to reflect on the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, and the beginning of Joe Biden’s tenure. Our guest moderator Amna Nawaz of the PBS NewsHour discusses this historic moment with the panelists and what it’s like reporting in a time of transition.

What’s Next As President-Elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration Nears

January 15, 2021
President Trump is now the first United States president to be impeached twice. This was the most bipartisan impeachment in history, but still only 10 House Republicans voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment. The panel discusses how the nation is bracing for both the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden as well as a second Trump impeachment trial, the emotional and political wreckage from the Capitol, and what comes next as President-Elect Biden’s term in office approaches. Yamiche Alcindor of the PBS NewsHour guest moderates.

A Deeper Look at A Historic Week

January 8, 2021
In this edition of our Extra, the panelists continue their conversation about the chaotic events that took place at the Capitol. The panel discusses what possible consequences there may be for the mob, and how the police response this week, compares to the police response to Black Lives Matter protests this past summer.

A Look at the Georgia Runoffs & President Trump’s Legacy

January 1, 2021
The Georgia Senate runoffs that will determine control of the Senate are just four days away. The panel discussed the latest from the campaign for those two key Senate seats, as well as President Trump’s legacy, and what it means for the future of Washington.

An In-Depth Look at the 2020 Election

December 25, 2020
After a significant 12 months, the panel takes a look back at a year jam-packed with news and hard hitting stories that received nationwide attention, focusing on the historic 2020 election that resulted in President-elect Biden’s victory. Out of all the important stories from this year, the panel also discussed which stories stood out to them as deserving more attention.

President-Elect Joe Biden’s Latest Historic Cabinet Picks

December 18, 2020
President-elect Joe Biden announced more Cabinet picks this week, including several historic selections. Biden selected Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Deb Haaland to lead the Transportation and Interior Departments, respectively. Buttigieg would be the first LGBTQ Cabinet secretary while Haaland would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary. The panel discussed the president’s Cabinet and what it says about the Biden administration’s priorities.

A Look at President-Elect Biden’s Future Cabinet

December 11, 2020
President-Elect Joe Biden is committed to having his Cabinet ‘look like America.” But as pressure arises from civil rights leaders pushing to diversify the cabinet, Biden has already made some historic, and some controversial picks. The panel discussed what Americans can expect when it comes to the new Cabinet.

The Road to the Georgia Runoffs

November 20, 2020
The nation is looking to Georgia as the state’s two Senate runoff elections are right around the corner. The panel continued the conversation from the broadcast and discussed a private phone call between Republican senators expressing their views on Trump’s ongoing election feud, and what the future of the Senate might be in 2021.

An In-Depth Look at the Presidential Campaign

October 23, 2020
Thursday night’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden tackled an array of issues, including health care and immigration. The panel discussed how the two candidates sparred on top issues and how they are appealing to the concerns voters have in the final days before Election Day.