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Latest on the 2020 race for president

February 21, 2020
The panel discussed the latest on the 2020 democratic primary as candidates campaign in Nevada, South Carolina and other Super Tuesday states.

How the presidential race changes for Democrats after Iowa and New Hampshire

February 14, 2020
The panel discussed what happened this week as Democratic candidates for president hit the campaign trail in Nevada and South Carolina.

The fallout of the Iowa caucuses

February 7, 2020
The discussion on the New Hampshire primary continues. The panelists offered insight into the major issues in the 2020 presidential race.

The countdown to the Iowa caucus

January 31, 2020
With just days before the Iowa caucuses, Senate Democrats were stuck in Washington this week for the Senate impeachment trial. The panelists discussed how the candidates are appealing to voters in the Hawkeye state.

Discussing "A Very Stable Genius" with Carol Leonnig

January 24, 2020
Moderator Robert Costa was joined by The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig. She shared insights from her recent book "A Very Stable Genius," co-written with the Post's Philip Rucker.

Democrats clash on the 2020 campaign trail

January 17, 2020
With just several weeks before the Iowa caucuses, the panelists discussed the clash between Democratic presidential candidates Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The conversation also turned to the latest on the US trade deal with China and USMCA.

Foreign Policy on the 2020 Campaign Trail

January 10, 2020
Foreign policy dominated the debate on Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail as candidates spoke out against rising hostilities with Iran. Bernie Sanders narrowly leads in the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll, just 3 weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Latest from the 2020 campaign trail

January 3, 2020
With less than a month until the Iowa caucuses, Democrats hit the campaign trail. Our panelists discussed the latest.

President Trump and the world

December 27, 2019
As the year winds down, Robert Costa and the panelists looked at the president’s foreign policy goals and what he accomplished on the international front in 2019.