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Problems with FBI surveillance extended far beyond probe of Trump campaign, Justice Dept. inspector general says

March 31, 2020
Devlin Barrett, Ellen Nakashima | The Washington Post
The Justice Department inspector general revealed Tuesday that he found errors in every FBI application to a secret surveillance court his office examined as part of an ongoing review — suggesting the problems exposed in the bureau’s probe of President Trump’s 2016 campaign extend far beyond that case alone.
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House Democrats can get secret Mueller information, appeals court rules

March 11, 2020
Pete Williams | NBC News
A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that House Democrats are entitled to get materials gathered by a grand jury during former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling in 2016.
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Michigan Was Once Bernie’s Resurrection. Now It Could Be His Burial.

March 10, 2020
Tim Alberta | POLITICO
Sanders’ team has long trumpeted his Michigan triumph as evidence of his ability to assemble a unique coalition and defeat the Democratic establishment. But a closer look at that contest, taken in the context of this year’s primary results, suggests that Sanders’ own weaknesses are about to be exposed.
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Trump associate Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years, 4 months in prison for lying to Congress

February 21, 2020
Pete Williams, Daniel Barnes | NBC News
Longtime Republican campaign adviser Roger Stone, a friend of President Donald Trump's, was sentenced to three years, four months in federal prison Thursday for obstructing a congressional investigation of Russia's 2016 presidential election meddling.
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Obama team’s response to Russian election interference fell short, Senate report says

February 7, 2020
Karoun Demirjian, Devlin Barrett | The Washington Post
A bipartisan report released Thursday by the Senate Intelligence Committee says that the Obama administration mounted an insufficient response to Russia’s election interference in 2016, but that its failures were “understandable” because the government lacked information and had limited policy options at the time.
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Flynn contacted GOP Mueller critic while cooperating with special counsel

May 18, 2019
Kaitlan Collins, Pamela Brown, Jeremy Herb, Katelyn Polantz | CNN
While he was cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn contacted at least one member of Congress who was publicly criticizing the special counsel probe, according to messages obtained by CNN.
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Paranoia, lies and fear: Trump’s presidency laid bare by Mueller report

April 19, 2019
Robert Costa, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
The moment President Trump learned two years ago that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate Russian election interference, he declared in the Oval Office, “This is the end of my presidency.”
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The Mueller Report Won’t End Trump’s Presidency, But It Sure Makes Him Look Bad

April 19, 2019
Susan Glasser | The New Yorker
In the most memorable scene in the most anticipated government report in recent history, the special counsel, Robert Mueller, takes us inside the Oval Office on May 17, 2017.
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A Portrait of the White House and Its Culture of Dishonesty

April 19, 2019
Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
As President Trump met with advisers in the Oval Office in May 2017 to discuss replacements for the F.B.I. director he had just fired, Attorney General Jeff Sessions slipped out of the room to take a call.
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