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Trump has grown increasingly consumed with ballot audits as he pushes falsehood that election was stolen

June 3, 2021
Josh Dawsey, Rosalind S. Helderman | Washington Post
Former president Donald Trump remains relentlessly focused on the false claim that the November election was stolen from him and is increasingly consumed with the notion that ballot reviews pushed by his supporters around the country could prove that he won, according to people familiar with his comments.
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FBI Director Christopher Wray sheds little new light on domestic terrorism, Capitol riot intelligence failures

March 3, 2021
Pete Williams, Ken Dilanian | NBC News
FBI Director Christopher Wray shed little new light Tuesday about whether his intelligence analysts missed warning signs before the riot at the U.S. Capitol — and how the bureau plans to confront the rising threat of domestic terrorism.
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Trump’s Republican Hit List at CPAC Is a Warning Shot to His Party

March 1, 2021
Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Martin | Trump’s Republican Hit List at CPAC Is a Warning Shot to His Party
In his first public appearance since leaving office, Donald Trump went through, by name, every Republican who supported his second impeachment and called for them to be ousted.
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