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Trump administration calling nearly 50,000 back to work, unpaid, as shutdown drags on

January 16, 2019
Erica Werner | The Washington Post
The Trump administration on Tuesday said it has called back tens of thousands of federal workers to fulfill key government tasks, including disbursing tax refunds, overseeing flight safety and inspecting the nation’s food and drug supply, as it seeks to blunt the impact of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.
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Trump and lawmakers paralyzed over shutdown as both sides remain dug in

January 15, 2019
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
President Trump’s dismissals of his own party’s calls for compromise and his seeming indifference to shuttered federal agencies left the snowbound capital paralyzed Monday, with lawmakers in both parties scrambling to jump-start talks but increasingly uncertain about Trump’s interest in ending the longest government shutdown in history.
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Trump's pick for AG says he'll protect the Mueller probe. But what if his boss disagrees?

January 15, 2019
Chuck Todd | NBC News
The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding its confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s pick to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, William Barr, who has promised to protect the Mueller investigation.
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Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds

January 14, 2019
Dan Balz, Scott Clement | The Washington Post
By a wide margin, more Americans blame President Trump and Republicans in Congress than congressional Democrats for the now record-breaking government shutdown, and most reject the president’s assertion that there is an illegal-immigration crisis on the southern border, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.
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Trump backs off national emergency to build border wall as shutdown becomes longest ever

January 12, 2019
Josh Dawsey, Damian Paletta, Erica Werner, John Wagner | The Washington Post
President Trump cast fresh doubt Friday on whether he would declare a national emergency to build a wall along the southern border, leaving lawmakers waiting for the president’s next move as the government shutdown became the longest in U.S. history.

Mueller probe moves forward as government remains shut down

January 11, 2019
The Russia probe continues.
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Trump calls wall only solution to ‘growing humanitarian crisis’ at border

January 9, 2019
Philip Rucker, Felicia Sonmez | The Washington Post
President Trump delivered a forceful and fact-challenged televised plea to the nation Tuesday night for his long-promised border wall, declaring “a growing humanitarian and security crisis” at the southern border and blaming congressional Democrats for the partial government shutdown that he helped instigate three weeks ago.
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