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Gun control

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Trump to release gun control proposals, including background check updates

August 22, 2019
Anita Kumar, Caitlyn Oprysko | POLITICO
President Donald Trump will unveil a series of proposals — including suggested changes to background checks — in the coming weeks, according to the White House, following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. It remains unclear exactly what Trump will recommend, though, adding little clarity to the president's confounding remarks on the subject in recent weeks.
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Trump cements stance on wide-ranging background checks in call with NRA boss

August 21, 2019
Kaitlan Collins, Joe Johns | CNN
A sustained effort from National Rifle Association officials, Republican lawmakers and conservative allies helped cement President Donald Trump's decision to abandon his previous calls for tougher background checks in the wake of recent mass shootings, sources tell CNN.
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After Lobbying by Gun Rights Advocates, Trump Sounds a Familiar Retreat

August 20, 2019
Annie Karni, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
Mr. Trump’s resolve appears to have substantially softened, and he has reverted to reiterating the conservative positions on the gun issue he has espoused since the 2016 campaign.
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Did the Assault Weapons Ban Really Work? That's Complicated.

August 19, 2019
Shawna Thomas | VICE News
Back in 1994, Democrats like then-Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) included a prohibition on the production and sale of some assault weapons as well as high capacity magazines in a sweeping crime bill signed into law by former President Bill Clinton. The ban had a “sunset” provision built in that effectively ended the decade-long experiment, but it’s worth looking at whether the ban worked. That’s a difficult question to answer.
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Trump Weighs Action on Gun Control. But It’s Still a Theoretical Discussion.

August 15, 2019
Maggie Haberman, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jonathan Martin | The New York Times
What President Trump has not done yet is the kind of arm-twisting of Republican senators wary of gun control legislation that will be necessary to force a bill through Congress, according to interviews with White House officials and congressional aides. He has shown no interest so far in a major address to ensure that public opinion is behind such a move.
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Trump claims GOP support for gun background checks despite lack of evidence

August 14, 2019
Kaitlan Collins, Kevin Liptak | CNN
President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that many Republicans support his push for strengthening background checks on gun sales -- a view that appears at odds with what lawmakers are telling the President in private even as he presses for action.
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Are Democrats' gun control promises realistic?

August 12, 2019
Margaret Brennan, Ed O'Keefe, Shawna Thomas, Jerry Seib | CBS News
Jerry Seib, Shawna Thomas and Ed O'Keefe join Margaret Brennan to discuss the week in politics, including whether promises from Democratic candidates about gun control have any chance of getting passed.
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Trump claims strong congressional support for strengthening background checks for gun buys, at odds with GOP statements

August 10, 2019
Josh Dawsey, John Wagner, Seung Min Kim | The Washington Post
President Trump expressed confidence Friday that he could rally recalcitrant Republicans around legislation strengthening background checks and persuade the nation’s powerful gun lobby to drop its long-standing opposition to such measures, tasks that have proved elusive following other mass shootings on his watch.
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Trump’s Trip to Dayton and El Paso: The Back Story

August 10, 2019
Maggie Haberman, Katie Rogers, Rick Rojas | The New York Times
By the time President Trump arrived in El Paso on Wednesday, on the second leg of a trip to meet with people affected by mass shootings in two cities, he was frustrated that his attacks on his political adversaries had resulted in more coverage than the cheery reception he received at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio, the first stop on his trip. So he screamed at his aides to begin producing proof that in El Paso people were happy to see him.
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