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New frontline in immigration battle as thousands detained in Louisiana and Mississippi

August 16, 2019
Andrea Mitchell | NBC News
The fight over the border has a whole new frontier: the Deep South. To handle the overflow of immigrants along the border, ICE has opened more than a dozen facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi.
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Trump’s Policy Could Alter the Face of the American Immigrant

August 15, 2019
Michael Shear, Miriam Jordan, Caitlin Dickerson | The New York Times
The Trump administration has said the immigration overhaul it announced this week will ensure that new legal residents carry their own weight, without prejudice or favor. Yet the new rule for weeding out those who might be a drain on taxpayers will almost certainly disadvantage poor people from Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia.
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White House takes a soft-touch approach to Hong Kong protests and China trade

August 14, 2019
Eamon Javers | CNBC
The White House is pushing back on this idea that the United States has anything to do with these protests that are happening in Hong Kong but also taking a soft-touch approach.
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Trump administration seeks to penalize immigrants for using public benefits

August 13, 2019
Amna Nawaz, Yamiche Alcindor | The PBS NewsHour
Today's new rule from the Trump administration limits who will be eligible for a green card in the United States. Under current law, immigrants are already required to prove that they are not what the government deems a, quote, public charge. Ken Cuccinelli, the acting head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, announced the plans.
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ICE arrests 680 undocumented immigrants in Mississippi

August 8, 2019
Pierre Thomas | ABC News
Officials are calling the raids at seven work sites in six cities the largest single-state immigration enforcement in history.
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Trump Ordered New Chinese Tariffs Over Objections of Advisers

August 5, 2019
Vivian Salama, Josh Zumbrun | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump overruled advisers to ramp up tariffs on China after a heated exchange in which he insisted levies were the best way to make Beijing comply with U.S. demands, according to people familiar with the matter.
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Dems vow to derail Ratcliffe nomination amid questions over his resume

August 2, 2019
Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb | CNN
Democrats are ratcheting up their vows to stop Rep. John Ratcliffe from being confirmed as the next director of national intelligence amid questions about whether the Texas Republican exaggerated his resume as a federal prosecutor working on terrorism cases.
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Trump defends his pick for director of national intelligence amid criticism

July 31, 2019
Nancy Cordes | CBS News
President Trump defended his pick for director of national intelligence on Tuesday as Democrats called him unqualified. Three-term Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe joined the House Intelligence Committee six months ago.
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Who is John Ratcliffe, Trump's pick for next intelligence chief?

July 30, 2019
Kasie Hunt | NBC News
Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe made a name for himself when he came to Trump’s defense against Mueller during his testimony last Wednesday, and now he's officially the President's pick to be the next Director of National Intelligence.
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