Clip: Watching Washington Week for 50 years

Feb. 24, 2017 AT 12:12 p.m. EST

When Verna started watching Washington Week as a teenager in 1967, her mother made her "sit there and watch." Well, 50 years later, the tradition stuck. Verna says she grew to love the show, especially in the last 10 years. Thanks for watching!

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How long have you been watching?

"For the fifty years I guess that it's been on. I was a teenager when it first started, but my mother was a real fan of Washington Week and politics. And it used to be back-to-back with Wall Street Week. … And of course, I'm a teenager, and it came on on Friday nights, and I wanted to watch the sitcoms. But I had to sit there and watch it. My mother was very political."

Did you grow to love it?

"Yeah, especially recently, with the last ten years or so."


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