Clip: Biden racks up legislative victories despite low approval ratings

Aug. 19, 2022 AT 6:16 p.m. EDT

President Biden took a victory lap this week as he signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, capping off a summer of legislative achievements that included a core portion of his domestic agenda. Still, despite this and his other recent victories Democrats remain concerned about his low approval ratings.

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Alcindor : Meanwhile, President Biden took a victory lap as he signed the inflation reduction act. He also said despite this and other recent legislative wins, we should note, the Democrats remain concern about his low approval rating.

So, Eugene, I want to come to you about this idea -- how concerned are Biden and Democrats that they`re having these big legislative wins, and they are being drowned out by the Trump headlines?

Daniels : They`re feeling pretty good about themselves, but they do realize that no one has paid attention to like the victory lap they`re taking this week. You had three members of the cabinet out on the same day. The cabinet is going to take 35 trips to 23 states between now and the end of August.

And they`re not getting out attention. So, they know that. But they hope they will be able to give some of these down ballot candidates a boost so they can go out and share the message of what this administration has been able to do, but they also are not foolish into thinking this is going to make Joe Biden be a super popular president. Some of the things that were true three weeks ago, inflation at all time high, still very true.

The good thing for Democrats as a lot of the Senate Democrats running in the Senate primaries matchups, they will be running ahead of Joe Biden and how unpopular he is in these states.

Alcindor : And, Peter, in the minute or so we have left, you wrote this week the headline we have to read which is, even on Biden`s big day, he is still in Trump`s long shadow. Talk about that in a minute or so.

Baker : Yeah. I think that`s right, what Eugene just said is exactly right. It is hard to compete with the circus that surrounds the former president. We have not seen anything like this in modern times where sitting president has such a hard time. But they are going to take that contrast and make that the argument.

Do you really want to have the party that cares about extremist politics and Donald Trump and the FBI search and all that, or do you want somebody who delivered maybe belatedly on the things that you as liberals and Democrats think are important? He`s trying to bring back the people who were disenchanted from him two years ago, not trying to convince Republicans who will never be for him to begin with.

Alcindor : And, Susan, in a couple of seconds here, you also wrote that unprecedented is the adjective that Trump owns. He still has the power to shock and awe. Explain a little bit of that.

Page : Well, you know, it`s the search at Mar-a-Lago. I mean, who-- what are we to make of that? It`s extraordinary and we don`t fully understand it, but we will at some point. I look forward to that day.

Alcindor : Yeah. Well, a lot to cover, especially as Democrats and I talked, as Eugene reported, they are feeling good about their achievements but this Trump headline will continue to go and go.

So, thanks so much to our panel for joining us and for sharing your reporting.


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