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Runaway ad for Titus

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Runaway ad for Titus

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Titus was one of four young black men owned by John Corlies of Shrewsbury, in the eastern part of Monmouth County, New Jersey. In November 1775, the day after Dunmore's Proclamation was issued, 22-year old Titus fled from his cruel, quick-tempered master, joining the flood of blacks who sought refuge with the British as soldiers, sailors and workers.

In this ad for Titus's capture and return, dated November 22, 1775, Corlies correctly anticipated that Titus "will probably change his name." Three years later the former slave gained notoriety as Captain Tye, the pride of Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment, who led a guerrilla campaign against Monmouth County slaveholders.
Image Credit: Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society

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