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As "freedom fever" sweeps the British American colonies, enslaved Africans apply the rhetoric of liberty to their own continuing struggles. Blacks challenge white America to live up to the "natural rights" doctrine espoused in Revolutionary documents. Finding slaves and free black men among his newly mustered troops, George Washington initially bars blacks from further enlistment, but as his forces dwindle -- and thousands of slaves are lured into the British army by promises of freedom -- Washington establishes a black regiment. African Americans, enslaved and free, then face a difficult dilemma: which side of the conflict holds the greatest promise of freedom for black men and women?


Battle of Yorktown
Boston Massacre
Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
Great Awakening
"Natural Rights of Man"
Revolutionary War
Stamp Act


Samuel Adams
Boston Massacre
Lord Dunmore
David George
Thomas Jefferson
Venture Smith
George Washington
Phyllis Wheatley

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