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Confession of Solomon

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Solomon, Gabriel's brother and a leader in the unsuccessful rebellion of 1800, was one of nearly 30 slaves captured near Brookfield Plantation and imprisoned in Richmond in the week following discovery of the conspiracy.

With Gabriel and other leaders still at large, Solomon was the first to be tried. On September 11, 1800, he was convicted on the basis of testimony offered by Pharoah and by Ben, a young Prosser slave who become involved early in the conspiracy.

In his confession, recorded by court magistrates Gervas Storrs and Joseph Seldon, Solomon described the plan "conquer the white people and possess ourselves of their property." Solomon's testimony gave indication of how ambitious the plan was: "Gabriel informed me, in case of success, that they intended to subdue the whole of the country where slavery was permitted, but no further."

Solomon was found guilty of conspiracy and insurrection and sentenced to be hanged the following morning.

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