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Clay Reynolds

Clay Reynolds portraitClay Reynolds is a man in search of answers. Answers to the many questions that surround the world of antiques. Questions like: What’s hot? What’s valuable? And where can I find it? But more important, Reynolds is in search of the personal stories that make antiques so fascinating to so many. Reynolds will take viewers on this journey as the new on-air correspondent for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Reynolds has built a career as a seasoned broadcast professional both in front of and behind the camera. As the executive producer/host of BET SHOP, he helped create the nation’s first shopping program specifically targeted to African American consumers on Black Entertainment Television. His on-air credits also include FOX Television and QVC, and his producing credits include public affairs programs for public broadcasters WMFE Orlando and WFYI Indianapolis.

Reynolds’ engaging and approachable style, combined with his solid reporting and producing background, brought him to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI.

A Chat with Clay Reynolds: FYI Correspondent Tells All

What attracted you to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI?

CR: I love ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. I call it “wheel of fortune without the wheel.” I especially love the stories that accompany the items. I believe that every possession tells a story about the owner. My television career has centered on products — mostly new products — but this is an opportunity to explore my interest in history and Americana.

How did your curiosity about objects develop?

CR: “Things” have been the focus of my family life and career. I come from a gadget family. My father paid $700 for a microwave oven (then called a radar-range) when it first hit the market in 1974. My leanings are toward items that were invented to help improve everyday life, but I also love art. One of my first jobs in college was working in an art gallery as an assistant to the owner. I loved the environment and it gave me an inside view of the art world and collectors.

What are some of the highlights to being on the road with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI?

CR: As we speak, I’m on my way to the Johnny and June Carter Cash auction in New York. I’m looking forward to giving viewers a unique glimpse at the entertainment industry, celebrity life, and Southern Americana. I also really enjoyed visiting the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event this summer. I was fascinated by the items brought by the crowds, and I heard some great stories about their family histories and personal experiences.

What do you want to share with viewers?

CR: What’s exciting about working on ROADSHOW FYI is that it’s a true collaboration. I’m not just a script reader; I want each segment to have its own personality, and I help shape those pieces. Most of all, I want ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI viewers to come away from each show with a richer understanding of the world of collecting and antiquing; better equipped to participate, and more inspired by the beauty, craftsmanship, history, style, and passion that objects represent.

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