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Appendix: Sample Army Intelligence Test, 1917

These are real questions from tests used by the U.S. Army during WW1 to measure intelligence of recruits.

Test 3

This is a test of common sense. Below are sixteen questions. Three answers are given to each question. You are to look at the answers carefully; then circle the letter before the best answer to each question, as in the sample:

Why do we use stoves? Because
a. they look well
b. they keep us warm
c. they are black

Here the second answer is the best one and is marked with a cross. Begin with No. 1 and keep on until time is called.

1. Cats are useful animals, because
a. they catch mice
b. they are gentle
c. they are afraid of dogs

2. Why are pencils more commonly carried than fountain pens? Because
a. they are brightly colored
b. they are cheaper
c. they are not so heavy

3. Why is leather used for shoes? Because
a. it is produced in all countries
b. it wears well
c. it is an animal product

4. Why judge a man by what he does rather than what by what he says? Because
a. what a man does shows what he really is
b. it is wrong to tell a lie
c. a deaf man cannot hear what is said

5. If you were asked what you thought of a person whom you didn't know, what should you say?
a. I will go and get acquainted
b. I think he is all right
c. I don't know him and can't say

6. Why do many persons prefer automobiles to street cars? Because
a. an auto is made of higher grade materials
b. an automobile is more convenient
c. street cars are not as safe

7. The feathers on a bird's wings help him to fly because they
a. make a wide, light surface
b. keep the air off his body
c. keep the wings from cooling off too fast

8. All traffic going one way keeps to the same side of the street because
a. most people are right handed
b. the traffic policeman insists on it
c. it avoids confusion and collisions

9. Why do inventors patent their inventions? Because
a. it gives them control of their inventions
b. it creates a greater demand
c. it is the custom to get patents

10. Freezing water bursts pipies because
a. cold makes the pipes weaker
b. water expands when it freezes
c. the ice stops the flow of water

If you didn't speak English or couldn't read, you were give picture tests. Draw in what is missing in each picture.

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