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Visit Shop PBS for a complete list of A Science Odyssey materials for home use:

  • A Science Odyssey Video Collection, the 10-hour Public Television series on video (includes closed captions and descriptive narrations for the blind and visually impaired).
    Or call PBS Video, 1-800-424-7963.
  • A Science Odyssey: 100 Years of Discovery, the companion book to the series, available in Hardback or Audiobook.
    Excerpts from the book
    can be found on this Web site.

Educators & Librarians: Visit PBS Video to order these materials for educational use:
You can find these items on this Web site and print them for free:
You can order these free materials on the Web or by mail:
  • Educator's Guide, print version (comes with Poster)
  • Poster (by itself)

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