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Photographs for The Caregiver's Handbook (Insurance, Housing & Transportation, and Staying Active), Viewer Responses, and Outreach & Partners by Lisa Kessler

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Program Credits

Caring for Your Parents

Executive Producer: Laurie Donnelly
Produced by Michael Kirk, Jim Gilmore, Peter Frumkin
Edited by Peter Rhodes
Director of Photography: Mark Rublee
Written and Directed by Michael Kirk
Narrator: Michael Murphy
Coordinating Producer: Colette Neirouz
Music by John Low
Production Assistant: Juliana Schatz
Still Photographer: Mark Ostow
Translator: Celia Bianconi
Title Design & Animation: Alison Kennedy, Bruce Walker, Danielle Edson
Sound Mix: Jim Sullivan
Online Editor: Michael Amundson

A Conversation About Caring

Written, Produced and Directed by Michael Kirk
Editor: Steve Audette
Director of Photography: Ben McCoy
Camera: Mark Falstad, Bill Hitchcock, Mark Rublee
Lighting Director: Alan Adelman
Sound: Tom Levy
Coordinating Producer: Colette Neirouz
Additional Sound: Carl Franson, Heidi Hesse
Gaffer: Steven Leif
Best Boy: Dave Gruber
Production Assistant: Juliana Schatz
Make Up: Elizabeth Moon, Michael Roffi


Senior Program Producer: Anne Adams
Post Production Editor: Harlan Reiniger
Post Production Manager: Hilary Finkel Buxton
Business Manager: Becky Grandone
Unit Manager: Thomas Bellotti
Production Assistant: Kate Hofstetter
Marketing & Station Relations: Robin Staley, Susan Chinsen, Ann Petruccelli, Erika Denn
Initial Program Development: Meredith Nierman, Julie Benyo

The Producers gratefully thank the following families for their generous participation in this film:

Candeias Family
Kaul Family
McArdle Family
Patino Family
White Family

And special thanks for assistance:

Richard W. Besdine, MD, Robert A. Carnevale, MD, Maria Castro, MD, Stephen Cummings, MD, Alicia Curtain, PHD, RN, Michael Fine, MD, Lynn McNicoll, MD, Susan Morris, RN, John B. Murphy, MD, Rachel G. Neal, DMD, Rachel Roach, RNP, Karen Timeoteo, RN, DNS, Thomas Wachtel, MD, Brown University, Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research, The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital, Kent Hospital Wound Recovery Center, Mansion Nursing Home, Steere House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Woodpecker Hill Nursing Home

A Kirk Documentary Group, Ltd. Production in Association with WGBH Boston

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The Caregiver's Handbook Credits

The Caregiver's Handbook and related handouts were produced by the Educational Outreach department of WGBH and the MIT Workplace Center.


Director, Educational Outreach: Julie Benyo
Manager, Educational Outreach: Mary Haggerty
Manager, Editorial Content: Sonja Latimore
Associate Manager, Editorial Content: Cyrisse Jaffee
Associate Editor: Lauren Feinberg
Outreach Project Director, Health Initiatives: Elizabeth Cohen
Special Project Assistant: Rosie Kaczmarcik
Designer: Danielle Edson, Greta Merrick
Copy Editor: Julie Wolf

MIT Workplace Center

Executive Director: Ann Bookman, Ph.D.
Program Manager: Laurie Pass

The MIT Workplace Center is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and special thanks goes to Dr. Kathleen Christensen, Program Officer.

MIT Logo

The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents ©2008 by the WGBH Educational Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All rights reserved. This Handbook has been adapted with permission from the National Family Caregivers Handbook ©2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The material in this The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents was jointly developed and compiled as of December 2007 by the WGBH Educational Foundation and the MIT Workplace Center, a research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a nonprofit educational institution (MIT).

The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents is designed as a "gateway to resources" and as such, it does not attempt to provide all the resources available, but to connect the reader with the elder care organizations in his or her community, understanding that it may become outdated after publication. Neither WGBH Educational Foundation nor MIT are rendering legal, healthcare, financial, insurance, accounting, or any other professional advice. Therefore, individuals consulting The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents should also do their own research of available resources and consult with their own personal advisers, legal counsel, financial planners, insurance or benefits providers, accountants, health care providers, and other specialists and professionals as appropriate to address an individual's needs and situation.

WGBH Educational Foundation, MIT, and the authors are providing The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents "AS IS" and disclaim all warranties including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non—infringement, title, and the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained in this book. Neither WGBH Educational Foundation nor MIT endorse the organizations listed The Caregiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents, or the views such organizations express, or the products or services such organizations offer.

Organizations were chosen during the research process primarily based on the following criteria: the consumer information offered adds value to the family caregiver, and the Website or consumer information services do not exist solely to promote specific products or services.

If you would like to submit feedback or suggestions for The Cargiver's Handbook: A Companion Resource to Caring for Your Parents, or the Web site, please contact

The State-by-State information was produced by the Educational Outreach Department of WGBH. Thanks to our interns, Susan Svencer and Rachel Heafield.

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